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Being in the music industry for about 10 years and checking, Kwachie Adie is not very green an artiste to voice out his perceptions about the present condition of Ghana's music industry.

Serving as the C.E.O of Pyper Records, Kwachie Adie is a youthful promising rapper, a vocalist and a sound specialist who majors in Hip-jump and RNB music individually.

The rapper in a meeting with Flex daily paper appeared to be very vexed on how certain issues are probably going to break down the advancement of the music business if prompt care is not taken.

Fans today don't generally mind how extraordinary a tune is or what message it conveys. They simply cherish the buildup around a specific melody or the artiste behind it. In Ghana, you should simply put out a hit tune and you consequently win the masses' consideration. Music now offers due to the artistes behind it, not its message. Most top artistes have not added anything additional to their demonstrations prior and then afterward acclaim, however the buzz around them is the thing that gets ears to melodies they produce," Kwachie Adie opined.

"Likewise, music in Ghana is put out so economically that it has a tendency to lose its esteem in a short run. On the off chance that individuals were paying to listen to music, they would be exceptionally receptive about the art and not engage any crappy tracks. Our enormous artistes have the ability to change this circumstance, but since they are agreeable right now and need to appreciate predominance, they are not battling for change. This is step by step influencing the best in class performers," he bemoaned.

As per Adie, it is demoralizing to see growing performers put in colossal totals of cash, inventiveness, time and vitality into their musical professions just to be paid back with compliments and exhaust guarantees.

"Not at all like abroad, it's not a simple dare to put resources into music here by any stretch of the imagination. I've yielded and gambled a considerable measure to shoot music recordings with my well deserved wage on a few events just to get critiques and even ask individuals to watch it. It about time each one of those splashy talks from industry partners are placed in real life. Take a gander at how a large portion of our incredible performers pass on in neediness. Give all of us a chance to contribute in improving this industry an and beneficial place for each review of artiste," Kwachie suggested.

Source: GNA

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