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Ghanaian Dancehall artiste Shatta Wale is making a considerable amount of cash.

In a meeting with Bola Ray on Starr Chat on Starr 103.5 FM Wednesday evening, the 'Mahama Paper' act unveiled that he charges 150, 000 for every occasion.

"… the minimum sum is GHC 150, ooo. At the point when it's understudies I attempt to charge direct, suppose 60, oooo. "

Shatta Wale additionally shared his musings on superstars supporting political gatherings, the Ghanaian music industry among different issues amid the meeting.

Somewhere in the range of three years back, Dancehall artiste Bandana re-rose on the Ghanaian music scene after around a 10-year "vanishing" with another name. The artiste who was mainstream for the melody 'Moko Hoo' needed to be known as and called Shatta Wale.

His 'second coming' happened as a consequence of him missing out on a Dancehall class honor to Kaakie at the 2013 Ghana Music Awards. Backstage, he called the triumphant artiste and the coordinators a wide range of slanderous and unprintable words, that go about as awful as it might have been, happened to be his "leap forward" minute.

He likewise recorded recordings in which he called CharterHouse and its CEO names, prompting to the previous being sued. In another meeting with MTV.CO.UK, Wale talked concerning why he chose to change his name from Bandana to his present moniker.

"Indeed, it was re-branding… I needed to investigate more into the world. I needed to make my melodies known by the greater markets, and as a dancehall craftsman I believed that the name Bandana was somewhat nearby for the global market. Since we as a whole comprehend what Bandana is, yet I had an alternate importance for it. Later on I chose to get a name that will in any event cause news, the main name that could do that was Shatta."

He additionally asserts the choice has been monetarily fulfilling. "In any case, most Nigerians imagine that I'm Nigerian as a result of it. It's great as a promoting technique also on the grounds that at whatever time I go to Nigeria, individuals dependably inquire as to whether I'm from that point and I'm similar to 'No'. They have an alternate significance for Wale, so I just felt let me add the Wale to the Shatta and perceive how it goes and I think it has truly worked. It's an African ting."

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