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The Ghana Grid Company (GRIDCo) has guaranteed the overall population that there is sufficient power accessible for circulation by the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG).

As indicated by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of GRIDCo, Mr William Amuna, while the era crest in no time remained at 1,956 megawatts (MW), the pinnacle request yesterday remained at 1870 MW.

Parts of Accra have been encountering power blackouts in the course of the last couple of days, raising worries that the nation may come back to the time of load shedding, prevalently known as 'dumsor', yet Mr Amuna reduced the cases.

"Every so often, we will have a few difficulties in the appropriation systems, however that does not mean we don't have enough power", Mr Amuna told the Daily Graphic on the sidelines of the organization's 2016 Safety and Health Awareness Day festivities in Tema yesterday.

Mr Amuna's declarations in this manner reaffirm the position of the ECG that the present power emergency is not a sign of force emergency or the arrival of load shedding.

Plants accessible
While the Sunon Asogli Power Plant is in the blink of an eye out of creation because of characteristic gas supply challenges, the Tema Three Power Plant, Kpong Hydro Plant, Takoradi International Company (TICO) are all underway, giving aggregate megawatts of 1631.3 starting 12:14 p.m. recently, and signs are that creation volumes would ascend by close of day.

The Karpower send and the Ameri Plants are likewise delivering 224 and 210 megawatts separately.

Mr Amuna depicted as should be expected Ghana's importation of a few amounts of force from neighboring Cote d'Ivoire. "Practically every nation on the planet imports control regardless of the possibility that there is accessible era limit.

Additionally, it is basic that we import keeping in mind the end goal to decrease weight on the Akosombo Dam", Mr Amuna pushed. He gave the confirmation that the organization would keep on working hard to address the difficulties inside the organization's dissemination systems.

Laborers durbar
Prior, tending to the laborers, Mr Amuna charged them to hold fast entirely to the wellbeing and security administration to guarantee high proficiency in the organization's operations. "We work in an exceptionally difficult and perilous environment and I will ask all staff to keep on doing their best to take out episodes and mischances inside the working environment."

Mr Amuna said occurrences and mishaps at the work environment may bring wounds and fatalities which were regularly upsetting for the people required and in addition for their families and companions.

He in this manner charged the staff, particularly those in the specialized units, to be exceptionally familiar with their security methods and practices to turn away wounds and loss of lives.

Stress reduction
As indicated by the CEO, wellbeing administration practices would lessen the stretch that the requests and difficulties of their operations conveyed to the staff, and asked them not to trade off on word related and security wellbeing measures.

"Compelling anxiety administration likewise requires that we sustain our bodies legitimately all the time with the right sustenance and adequate water," he said.

Mr Amuna unveiled that his outfit was putting in measures to audit and execute its own defensive gear strategy for operational staff since it verged on the security and welfare of staff.

He said the organization had additionally chosen to organize the security measures as a major aspect of the guide for the accreditation procedure of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) 180001-2007 by arranging preparing workshops for every one of its directors and unit heads.

The Director of Network Performance, Mr Eric Asare, said GRIDCo recorded eight mishap this year, the vast majority of which were minor while GH¢98,747.68 was paid as laborers' pay to influenced staff. Again an aggregate of GH¢111,521.47 was paid under the GRIDCo assemble extra security arrangement.

Mr Asare said in spite of the fact that the quantity of mishaps recorded was beneath the business and worldwide benchmarks, it was imperative to enhance the execution through counteractive action or minimisation of such mischances.

Particular honors were displayed to some staff individuals for their dedication to security, while the Prestea territory office of GRIDCo developed the general victor of the Company's Work Area Safety Committee (WASACO) Awards.

Source: GhanaWeb

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